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Here you'll find answers to common questions asked by our customers. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us using the form provided.

How Does It Work?

Soundly Written provides revolutionary solutions system that converts audio recordings into beautifully-crafted books, ready to publish! It's the fastest and most convenient means for you to author and publish your books.


What if I want to make changes?

Absolutely! Every author will be able to to improve and review their manuscripts before the final phase of the book is completed, so you never have to worry.




I have already started writing my book, does it mean I have to start over again?

If you are just beginning, then it would be best to use our solution and if you have completed your manuscript, just come to us and we will help you self-publish your book using either our Yook or Faith2Book solutions. Voila! 




How many changes can I make?

Don't worry! You are free to make as many edits and revisions to your manuscript as you desire within the given time. 



Can you do the book in other languages?

We are working on that, but currently only in the english language. Please keep in touch with us to find out when we begin working in other languages. 



Can I add additional writing to this book as well?

Absolutely, yes you can.



I have people give reviews, can this be added to the book cover?

Reviews are fantastic for your book! Send us any reviews you have as an author or for your book and see it appear on the front or back cover of your book! Reviews are very useful when selling your book. 


Will it all be proofread?

Totally! Using our Scribe solution, every single professional manuscript produced is fully proofread and line-edited to give you the best results for your book.



What kind of audio recording do you recieve?

Everything with speech; Seminars, Lectures, Monologues, Devotionals, Interviews and even sermons. If you already have these, then that's all you need.



What if I need my book sooner?

Sure! Please speak to a service consultant to find out how soon your book will be completed. There may have to surcharge if you require an earlier delivery date than the original.



What if I have no audio?

No audio. No Problem - Please get in touch with customer service and we have the excellent support for you to start recording the best audio for the best book! Contact us now.



Can I get to see a sample of the book early?

Absolutely! A digital proof of your book will be provided to you to ensure you're totally happy before your book is published for millions of readers to start reading! How about that?


Can you add Bible verses that relate to each part of the book?

Yes, if it is mentioned in your recording.You can also add Bible passages and other references when you get the change to edit your manuscript.


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